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Lauderdale Lakes Teenager Accused of Murder Over $5

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Reports from Lauderdale Lakes are coming out that a teenage allegedy killed a 62 year old neighbor by stabbing her more than 60 times because she would not give him $5.00 to buy weed.   The boy was allegedly seen leaving the scene and the police are claiming that he confessed to the crime. 

Juvenile confessions are often times subject to heightened scrutiny by the courts.  Police must take care to make sure that a confession they obtain from an accused is both knowing and voluntary.  Normally, for adults this is done by reading and recording Miranda Rights.  For juveniles, the issue of comprehension becomes more important and can lead to strong legal challenges against the admissability of alleged confessions.

If you have a child who is accused of a crime, you need an experienced defense attorney to protect all of his rights.  Convictions of any kind, even juvenile convictions can remain on a child’s record permanently.  The Criminal Law Group will fight for you or child in Dade and Broward.  759-9169.  You have rights the police can be wrong!

Anna Kournikova’s Mother Arrested for Child Neglect

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Reporting out of Palm Beach County, the mother of ex tennis star Anna Kournikova was arrested for child neglect.  Preliminarily, it is alleged that the mom left her five year old son at home while she went out shopping.  That’s right it is the mother’s kid and the mom is only 46 years old.  I guess when you gotta shop, you gotta shop!

Child neglect is a misdemeanor as opposed to child abuse which is a felony per Floria.  The Criminal Law Group defends people charged with crime’s against children.  The jury instruction for child neglect states that the following must be proved:  the accused willfully or by culpable negligence failed or omitted to provide child with care, supervision, and services necessary to maintain child’s physical or mental health. Accused was the caregiver for the child.  Child was under age of 18. 

In most cases, wherein there is no bodily harm and this is a person’s first offense a good lawyer could get that person into a program thereby allowing them to avoid formal conviction.  If you are someone you know is charged with child abuse or child neglect contact one our experienced attorneys at the Criminal Law Group.  Remember you have rights, the police can be wrong.

Woman Arrested for Driving into Crowd at Martin Luther King Jr. Parade in Hallandale Beach

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Latricia Samuel of Hollywood was arrested on multiple counts of Aggravated Assault and Battery with a deadly weapon after alleging driving through the Martin Luther King Jr. day parade in Hallandale Beach.  Preliminary reports allege that Samuel ran over police and children as she went through the parade.  There is some back story to the case wherein it is alleged that Samuel had a dispute over parking which may have led to her driving into the parade.

Aggravated Assault is a third degree felony and aggravated battery is a second degree felony punishable by up to 5 and 15 years in prison respectively.  The Criminal Law Group represents people charged with all kinds of assaults in batteries including people charged aggravated assault with a firearm which carries with a 3 year minimum mandatory.  If Samuel is charged with Aggravated Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer that can be punishable by up to 30 years in prison and subject also to a minimum mandatory.  When facing such serious criminal charges, a person accused with the crime needs someone on their side to protect their rights and fight for their freedom.  The Criminal Law Group does just that.  Call 759-9169 in Dade or Broward.

Hollywood Police Chief Chad Wagner Expected to Fire 6 Dirty Officers

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Remember this case from the Hollywood Police Department:  In February of last year Ofc. Joel Francisco of the HPD rear ended Alexandra Torrens-Vilas.  Then we saw how thick the thieves of the HPD really were.  Not realizing they were being recorded on one of the officers’ cars, the proceeded to talk about how it was they were going to shift blame to Torrens-Vilas for the accident.  Shifting blame came to mean doctoring police reports, lying under oath and ultimately arresting Torrens-Vilas for a DUI.  All the public servants who were involved Officer Joel Francisco, Officer Dewey Pressley, Community Service Officer Karim Thomas, Sgt. Andrew Diaz and crime scene technician Andrea Tomassi are expected to be fired this week.  According to reports, they have already received their termination letters and have one final appeal remaining.

The Criminal Law Group knows that police can be wrong in and in some cases can be outright corrupt.  Like any other person on this planet there are good police and there are bad police.  If you have been arrested for a criminal offense, you need someone on your side.  Someone who will fight to protect your rights and to seek out the truth.  Nowadays you need someone who has the experience to tell that something just isn’t right about your particular case.  Let our experienced attorneys help you 759-9169 in Dade and Broward.  You have rights, the police can be wrong!

Broward Public Defenders and Broward Courts let 78 year old woman rot for 15 days in jail

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

For this one I had to start the category ‘you gotta be kidding me’.  According to the Miami Herald, a 78 year old grandmother Gabrielle Shaink Trudeau arrested for driving with a suspended license spent 15 days, that’s right 15 days!, in jail because neither the courts nor her PUBLIC DEFENDERS recognized she was entitled to release. Broward Public Defender Howard Finkelstein said, “we fell down and we fell down badly”.  Yeah, I’ll say!  A 78 year old woman, who is entitled to see a judge within 24 hours of arrest,who is entitled to a reasonable non-monetary bond within 24 hours if she is no danger to the community per Florida statute, sits for 15 days, maybe you guys should ’stay down’.   According to the report, the Broward PD’s failed to represent her at her initial appearance hearing!  They failed to represent her???  Wow.   Here is the link to the story if you don’t believe us:

What is even more scary is that this kind of things happens all the time in Dade and Broward.  The Criminal Law Group will works so that our clients feel like their case is the only one we handle.  The Criminal Law Group serves to protect your rights.  If you are arrested, our top priority as your defense attorney is getting you released from custody.  Imagine spending 2 weeks in jail for some petty offense or for something you didn’t do.  You need to talk with an experienced attorney right away.  Call 759-9169 in Dade and Broward.  You have rights, the police can be wrong!