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Former Hollywood Commissioner Keith Wasserstorm begins 60 day sentence

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

First elected Hollywood commissioner in 2000 and then reelected in 2004, Keith Wasserstorm’s political career is likely over as he now begins serving a 60 day sentence for a felony conviction of official misconduct.  Wasserstorm was prosecuted due to his alleged role in helping a sludge firm win an 18 million contract.  Wasserstrom took an appeal from the conviction but was the conviction was ultimately upheld. 

A criminal prosecution can be life changing.  Often times those being prosecuted can lose their jobs, their assets and ultimately their freedom.  Having an experienced attorney on your side who can protect your rights is essential to making sure your rights are protected.  The Criminal Law Group will work with you and your family to keep you informed about your case.  We will build a strategy to defend your case and if necessary we will fight for you at trial.  Remember you have rights and the police can be wrong.  Call 759-9169 in Dade or Broward.

Police Charge Carlos Bertonatti with DUI Manslaughter and Other Charges

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

After allegedly killing a biker, Miami Dade Police have charged Carlos Bertonatti with a variety of charges including DUI Manslaughter, Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Death and several misdemeanors.  Bertonatti is alleged to have struck a biker on Key Biscayne and then fled the scene thereafter.  That biker, Christopher Lecanne, later died from the injuries he sustained. 

 Bertonatti, who is a local songwriter, is going to be subject to heavy media scrutiny as a result of being charged with these crimes.  Comments at the bottom of news websites are reading like a lynch mob as every person forgets that someone accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  If you are a public figure and charged with a crime let one of the Criminal Law Group’s experienced attorneys fight for you.  We know the sensitivity of a criminal prosecution and our experienced team knows how to deal with media scrutiny our clients may face.  Let the Criminal Law Group be your voice.  Call 759-9169 in Dade and Broward and remember you have rights, the police can be wrong!

Hollywood Police Department Fires 6 Police Officers

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

It is official.  Hollywood Police Department fired 6 officers, 5 of whom allegedly played a role in doctoring a police report that made national news.  Chief Chad Wagner terminated Officer Joel Francisco, Officer Dewey Pressley, Community Service Officer Karim Thomas, Sgt. Andrew Diaz and crime scene technician Andrea Tomassi.  The union of which those officers belonged vowed to fight the firings.  ”What did you expect the union to say?” is my response to the union’s response.  The criminal prosecutions of those alleged to have participated in the official misconduct is ongoing.  Most reports have quoted the officers or the officers’ representatives as saying that the firing was politically motivated.  Although at this juncture, almost  a year to the day that these officers allegedly committed these crimes one must wonder what took the HPD so long?

At the Criminal Law Group, we will fight the police on your behalf because we know this kind of law enforcement action happens all the time.  The police are just like any other group of people some good ones and some bad ones.  When you come across a bad one you will know it.  The Criminal Law Group has a skilled team of litigators who know how to ask the right questions so that the truth will come out.  If you have been arrested or are under investigation you need an attorney on your side now.  Call The Criminal Law Group 759-9169 in Broward and Dade.  You have rights, the police can be wrong!

Wesley Bernard Henton Charged with People’s Storage Murder

Monday, January 11th, 2010

The Miami Herald reports that Wesley Bernard Henton was charged with 1st Degree Murder by the police for allegedly shooting Josline Augustin at the People’s Storage located at 200 NW 79th St. in Miami-Dade County.  The police have stated that Henton confessed to robbing and shooting Augustin who was just about to turn 56.

Whether or not Henton actually ‘confessed’ as the police said he did, or whether Henton was coerced, forced or even tricked into the alleged confession will surely become the centerpiece of the defense to this prosecution.  The Criminal Law Group has successfully litigated the suppression of confessions on both constitutional and legal grounds.  When being investigated for the a crime or after being arrested for a crime, a person has an absolute right not to talk to the police.  You should let attorney do the talking for you.  If you are being investigated or under arrest for a crime the Criminal Law Group can protect your rights.  Call 759-9169 in Broward in Dade.

Bond Set for Jesus Mendez at $250,000 in Michael Brewer Case

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Broward Circuit Court Judge Dale Cohen has effectively denied bond for Jesus Mendez by setting bond for the 16 year old at $250,000 who is charged with attempted second degree murder for allegedly participating in the group that lit Michael Brewer on fire. So many issues are at play in this case but by setting bond at such an unattainable number Mendez will sit in jail during the pendency of this trial.  He will sit in jail even though he is presumed innocent of these charges, even though Florida law demands monetary bond be reasonable and even though Mendez is a juvenile at only 16 years old!

The setting of such a high bond for a family that clearly cannot meet it makes one wonder how the judge came at such a ridiculous number.  Maybe he should have asked to hold Mendez passport too in case he decided to flee to his families summer cottage in the Mediterranean (joke).  The Criminal Law Group has successfully litigated pretrial release where our client has been held on a ‘non-bondable’ offense.  We have been successful at reducing ridiculously high bonds like the one in the Mendez case as well.  If you are in jail, our first goal as your attorney is to get you out of jail so that you can get back your liberty.  Remember you have rights and the police can be wrong!  The Criminal Law Group will protect those rights!

Yuby Ramirez life sentence upheld

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Yuby Ramirez who once ran the inner drug circles of legendary local drug lords Sal Magluta and Willie Falcon lost her appeal for a new trial or for a reduction in sentence.  At issue was whether Ramirez’ lawyer was ineffective.  Ramirez claimed that her attorney gave her bad advice when he advised her to turn down a 5 year plea sentence before trial predicated on the belief that there was no way she would receive a life sentence even if convicted.

There is no way to know the validity of these claims but the issue is an important one: criminal law is not a place for inexperienced attorneys.  Experience comes from years of working on cases: only through practicing in a certain area over a certain period of time comes the knowledge of the prosecutors, judges and courts such that an attorney can give solid legal advice.  The Criminal Law Group hires only experienced, local attorneys who work in your courts.  This allows us to provide you with solid legal advise and gives our clients the confidence and the information they need to make sound decisions regarding their cases.  Call the Criminal Law Group if you have any questions about your case: the charges, the police, the prosecutors, the judge: chances are we know them, trained them or have practiced before them in the past.  759-9169 in Broward or Dade.  Remember you have rights and the police can be wrong!

Michigan Playboy Model Paula Sladewski Found Burned Beyond Recognition in North Miami Dumpster

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Miami Herald reports that the body of an aspiring model from Michigan was found burned beyond recognition in a dumpster in North Miami.  Her name is Paula Sladewski.  In town with her boyfriend Kevin Klym for New Years Eve celebrations, Sladewski was last seen early Sunday at Miami’s Club Space.  Neal Cuevas of the North Miami Police Department said that Klym was a person of interest as he is the last person to see Sladewski alive. 

The Criminal Law Group represents individuals charged with any crime from DUI to Murder.  We also represent clients who are ‘persons of interest’ or ‘under investigation’ by police for unsolved crimes.   Citizens of the United States have a number of rights that can be waived by talking with police and sound advice from any criminal defense attorney is that a person ‘under investigation’ should only talk with police through an attorney.  Many innocent people are charged with crimes in this country every year based on little more than what they said to the police during ‘police investigation’.  Call the Criminal Law Group if you have any questions regarding your rights when dealing with the police.  Remember, ‘You have rights, the police can be wrong!”