Cyclist Killed in Hit and Run on Key Biscayne

According to the Key Biscayne Police Department a car allegedly driven by Carlos Bertonatti, a Key Biscayne resident struck and killed a cyclist.  Witness accounts say that early Sunday morning a silver Volkswagon Jetta hit the biker and then continuned driving even with the bicycle being lodged under the car.  Several cars followed the Jetta for over a mile and Bertonatti was identified by some witnesses as the driver.  Some preliminary reports are that Bertonatti was alleged to be impaired at the time of the collision.

Cyclists from the community are up in arms about the incident.  Especially in light of the fact, that the cycling community recently rode in honor of a Miami Shores teenager Rodolfo Rojo who was killed last year while cycling from Miami Shores to North Miami.  Bertonatti, who is innocent until proven guilty, will likely have to deal with the added scrutiny of this being a highly publicized case in the media.

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